The Micro-Paper: Towards cheaper, citable research ideas and conversations

arXiv 2023
What if our research ideas were smaller?

Option-Driven Design: Context, Tradeoffs, and Considerations for Accessibility

arXiv 2023
How should we think about designing for options and accessibility?


How accessible is my visualization? Evaluating visualization accessibility with Chartability

Chartability is a set of heuristics for testing the accessibility of data visualizations.

The Right Tools for the Job: Learning and Building for Data Visualization and Accessibility

The tools we use to visualize data can limit the potential of our accessibility. It is important to learn how to pick the right tools for the job.


Comparing Correspondences: Robert Southey and Willa Cather

Gabriel Hankins, Frank Elavsky


Digital Wrangling and Visualization for Correspondence Projects

Frank Elavsky, Gabriel Hankins, Jill Gemmill